Association for the provision of residential care,
support and education to children and young adults in Portugal

About us

We are a team of pedagogues, teachers, multi-trade tutors, psychologists and therapists from various countries who started to meet regularly in the summer of 2004 to exchange information and experiences about the quality of care offered by youth welfare projects in Portugal. These regular meetings of professionals, working in intensive pedagogical support projects in Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal, resulted in the development of a unique pedagogical care concept.In July 2006, this team then founded a non-commercial Portuguese charity called "Progresso". Ever since, we have been caring for children and young adults with behavioural problems. They come from different countries and are of various nationalities.

Due to the usually multiple behavioural issues of these children and young adults, we offer a wide range of different forms of care, each tailored to the respective young person.

Association governance structure