Association for the provision of residential care,
support and education to children and young adults in Portugal

Quality Assurance

Our work includes fundamental quality assurance elements and tools, for instance:

  • understanding the social-pedagogical perspective of a case
  • accepting the child or young adult's right to participation/co-determination
  • the children and young adults do have a right to voice complaints
  • standardised documentation of the progress and its conclusion that provides a clear picture of the way we operate and provides a basis for everyone involved that allows them to follow the progress or objectives of the children or young adults (individual objectives, daily written documentation, weekly written reports to the youth welfare office and the parents (Stage 1) etc.),
  • prompt notification of and professional reporting on extraordinary incidents
  • a daily structure and schedule
  • constant staff availability to provide crisis intervention
  • compliance with the round the clock supervision duty
  • potential hazard and risk monitoring
  • employee-oriented quality assurance which ensures that staff members are suitably prepared and trained for the particular forms of support implemented abroad and participate in further training courses on fundamental and current topics in this field
  • regular team meetings
  • regular team member supervision
  • a care and support contract with the respective authority
  • regular exchange with the respective authority